Friday, January 18, 2013

All of the originals in the Forest Giant collection are now for sale!

Many cheers, Cliff

A painted "Oregon Local". I used a combination of paint and wood stain and ended up with a really cool bronze look! $149
Right after I finished painting "Beautiful". I again used a combination of paint and wood stain for this great combination. $149

Another shot of "Oregon Local"
Colorado Giant copies are listed at $99

"Montana Winter" newly repriced to $300 My nephews wanted a plug for my buddy's amazingly popular site

Another shot of the bronze looking "Oregon Local"


The "Wooley Booger" sitting in his cedar base. 
Also repriced to $149 with copies at $99

The backside of "Montana Winter"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello everyone!! I hope you survived the holidays and are recovering from all the excess!!

The accidental Mohawk, created when I was making the silicone mold

With the burl, he's rather large but the two pieces go very well together!

I'm not the best photographer 

The burl base he sits on is an amazing piece of natural art with thousands of patterns.

It took awhile but he is finally done!!!!!

I think he turned out pretty well..