Saturday, November 14, 2015

I've been gone for so long..

Hello and thanks so much for checking out the pictures! I've been very lax with my attention here and will try to get more up, as I finish it.

This is one of the new things I've been working on. When its finished, we'll have a Sasquatch with 8 or 9 little Grey's laughing, dancing and playing all over him with a portal directly behind him with more coming through.

I was asked to include a Dogman into the mix as well as the Dover Demon, holding a human skull so I'm hoping there will be several pieces to this set. I'm also thinking of doing another Chupacabra and have him sitting with the group as well.

The portal is giving me headaches as well as how to attach the Sasquatch's limbs to his torso... I just can't figure out how it will all fit together yet but it'll present itself soon enough. Here's just a few pics and I promise to get back here when they're done and ready for the mold making!

Cheers, Cliff

Have to figure out how to attach his limbs to his torso...

A first attempt at the idea of a portal, I used a cheap hello kitty mirror just to stick this guy on... I like it but I'll have to wait for the right vibrations in my addled brain to get it right. Ha ha! Wish me luck!

These are some pics of the connections I've come up with.

I used chopsticks because I have so many of them and they're free with every meal here!

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