Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello from Thailand!

I've recently relocated to Thailand and have been enjoying the wonderful people and their amazing culture since April with no thought of returning to the states anytime soon! I've joined forces with a good friend Sivagorn Muttamara from Bangkok to form our company "Good Fella$" to produce a rather unique piece of art I've dubbed

"The 3 eyed Alien riding the Sasquatch Coin Bank
I think the hammer hits the nail on several levels with this name! . If you're into Old School Skateboarding or Thai Hip Hop you know who Sivagorn Muttamara or "Nutty Nut" is! Last year I did two sculptures for my friend and he decided to combine the two into what you see. I think his vision was spot on as the two pieces became something I hadn't even considered while I was creating them!

I will have 10 of these guys available very soon, 5 Black and 5 white. There will likely not be more made of this piece at least until we know more about a market for them.

The white one will be in an art exhibition in Siam Square in Bangkok, Thailand in front of tens of thousands of people and I couldn't be more excited!! So this is your chance to get one of the original 20.  Sivagorn also has 10 of them as well as the original art that they came from.

 Here are a few more pictures for you and I'll be ready to take any questions you might have about the shipping or anything else so drop me a line and I'll get back to you!

Cheers, Cliff

Singha can for a good size reference!  

Backside of the Alien with our Logo!

Another good shot, Thanks Nut!

A shot during production. The one on the left hasn't been in the kiln yet, the one on the right is a finished product.

Two good friends from Thailand with a good size comparison for you!

And the bottom!

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