Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello everyone! 

I'm still in Thailand and have been teaching English and writing for a tourist website as well. Loving life here in Asia and have really found a place to call home, at least for a while longer! I've been in Thailand now for just over 6 months and am considering heading to Cambodia to try life there for a while. I've spent some time in Cambodia and loved it but it is getting difficult to leave Thailand! So many good people and a job that I love as well...We'll see I guess? 

I still have a few of the coin banks available and will be putting more emphasis on moving the pieces I have left very soon, I've just been so very busy with my life here that I haven't had time!

We had the first of them on display in Siam Square here in Bangkok to a very positive response! Sold several of them within the first week!!

Anyway, I wanted to apologize to my followers and anyone visiting the site for my lack of attention here and let you all know that I'll be working on a new "Dogman" series very soon! I've asked around for any firsthand experiences or sightings in hopes of nailing a representation of one of these creatures. 

Stay tuned for what's coming I'm sure you'll like the results! 

Cheers, Cliff

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